How to Shed Those Last Few Inches

People who eat healthy, exercise, and try to get plenty of sleep will still be stuck with a few inches around the waist or in the abdomen. Depending on age, body type, and metabolism diet and exercise may never result in desired results. Some people just figure they have done all they can and are happy to leave it at that. At that point, maintenance becomes their goal.

Not Acceptable for All

There are people who have worked too hard to alter lifestyle habits to stop short of perfection. Some people want to sport that bikini or Speedo in two months. When hanging onto one to three annoying inches is just not acceptable, there are several body contouring options available. Find a center that offers a variety of fat reduction procedures, and also offers free consultations. That allows people to make informed decisions regarding how to proceed.

Old and New

Traditional procedures, such as liposuction, are still available to those who want it. It is being used less often because it is an invasive technique. There is high risk of infection, the area will be sore, and there will be a certain amount of down time for recovery. Laser options are available as well. The risks are lower, but scarring and burning of skin is possible.

Non-invasive Alternatives

Newer techniques are non-invasive, require no down time, and are very effective. One such procedure is called CoolSculpting. Cooling technology is used to freeze fat cells and destroy them. Once destroyed, they are absorbed into the body and flushed out through the natural processes of the immune system. Results are gradual so no one will know work has been done unless you tell them. Individuals can go to clderm fir details on this and other procedures.

The newest and most advanced procedure, called Vanquish, utilizes radio frequency to destroy fat cells. The machinery never comes in contact with the skin. There is no down time, no risk of scarring, and no surrounding tissue is damaged. People feel a warm sensation and the area may appear red, but both of those fade quickly. The procedure lasts for thirty minutes and four to six sessions are recommended depending on the individual.

The Cost

Pricing depends on a few factors, including the size of the area treated, the number of treatments recommended, and the response of the individual. Monthly specials, financing options, and clinical studies are ways to reduce the overall cost. Pricing will be discussed at the consultation. Schedule one at today.


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